Economic Development

The viability of the Palestinian state depends on the set-up of institutions and their capacity to support the emergence of a market-based economy; one that appropriately meets the needs of Palestinian society.  AMF’s Economic Development program focus area is comprised of two key sub-components: The first seeks to promote the key principles of a free market-based economy.  The second sub-component focuses on promoting specific instruments to promote economic development.

AMF seeks to bolster these principles through studies and advocacy activities that work at multiple levels of public policy-making and for private sector institutions throughout Palestine.

AMF contributes to various national, regional and international efforts to create a new and functional Palestinian trade regime. By doing so, this may serve as a strategic means to bring about not only economic development, but increased independence for the Palestinian economy.  A proactive effort also includes the identification of other instruments that complement Palestinian trade, at the national/domestic and international levels.

Al-Mustakbal’s Economic Development program is particularly well suited to take on these projects, given past and ongoing projects it has created to promote trade for economic development.  AMF maintains an active network with regional research-driven institutions, which allows it to work effectively across borders.