Legal Reform and Judicial Empowerment

Economic development cannot properly occur in an environment void of the rule of law.  A rule of law provides the confidence to investors, and the wider public, that problems can be resolved in an efficient, transparent, and just manner.  Simply placing rules on paper, however, will not achieve the desired goal of instilling confidence in the private sector.  A strong judiciary capable of applying created laws is a vital pillar in the foundation of a rule of law.  Therefore, the tracks of legal reform and judicial empowerment must be tackled simultaneously in order for one to complement the other and allow for successful implementation.

Al-Mustakbal is particularly well-placed to address issues in this area, which is built on the collective years of experience and research. AMF’s staff works on drafting recommendations and revising numerous laws, rules and regulations.  The private sector’s diverse representation across all staff levels also allows AMF to have a reliable voice on the needs of the private sector vis-à-vis Legal Reform and Judicial Empowerment.