Private-Public Partnerships

The Palestinian private sector has demonstrated a strong capability to contribute to economic recovery and development.  AMF’s Private-Public Partnerships program area seeks to build upon the dynamism and innovation of the Palestinian private sector in building their capacity to engage in development efforts through a healthy alliance with the public sector.

A positive relationship between the Palestinian private and public sectors is a crucial element in state-building and development efforts.  Driven by leading private sector representatives, AMF can contribute to the creation of public-private partnerships, which can include policy advice and concrete projects on setting broader standards, advocating for policy changes, and promoting a participatory policy process through social dialogue.

Similar contributions may also be provided by the public sector’s role in privatization policies, investment promotion, direct business development services, and direct financing.

In addition to policy analysis papers and recommendations, Al-Mustakbal’s staff has experience in the participation and creation of public-private consultative bodies to achieve many of its policy aims.